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My son is raising money for youth camp by baking dozens of Suburban Legend cookies!
These cookies are inspired by the Neiman Marcus cookie myth and baked with love by 3 generations! They are akin to a deluxe chocolate chip cookie with pecans and ground oatmeal. Price is per dozen. They will be baked on April 4 and available for pick up or shipping on April 5. Thank you for your support!

The legend of the Neiman Marcus cookie recipe:
A woman and her daughter had salad and a cookie at Neiman Marcus in Dallas and thought the cookie so excellent they asked for the recipe. The waitress said no, then the woman asked if she could buy the recipe. "Yes," said the waitress, "for two-fifty." When her credit-card bill came, the woman discovered she was charged $250 for the recipe so she sent out the recipe to everyone for revenge. 

Youth Camp Cookie Fundraiser

  • ground oatmeal, flour, chocolate chips, pecans, butter, brown sugar, white sugar, eggs, vanilla, baking soda, baking powder, salt

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