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Looking for a sulfate-free option to your current shampoo or co wash? There's no need to strip your hair with sulfates- go natural and put an end to that dirty cycle with Yahweh's hair tea cleansers!  Want  a pump for your bottle? Get yours here!


Agua de Acacia is a conditioning cleanser, or co wash, for all the dandruff-prone scalps and dry-haired beauties whose coils can't get enough moisture- but still need a gentle washing.

White willow bark extract removes flakes & dead skin, regulating sebum production without stripping your natural oils. Insert this tea of ayurvedic cleansing herbs and oils and give life back to your hair! This cowash is naturally scented with Yahweh's Smokey Cypress blend. A heart of aged bourbon and tobacco leaf are enveloped with notes of cypress, lemon zest, western red cedar, and guaiacwood.

Looking for a clarifying wash?
Agua de Rose
is clarifying shampoo that works smarter, not harder! Water of roses & aloe mixed with amino acids of apple & silk do the dirty work efficiently, but gently, without stripping your strands of their dignity- what you deserve in a hair wash!

Key Ingredient:

White Willow Bark Extract contains salicin, (natural salicylic acid) which is gentle and non-irritating with anti-inflammatory effects that have also been shown to exfoliate the scalp in a soothing manner. A natural exfoliant, salicin sloughs off dead skin cells and clears pores of oil, dirt and product buildup, while promoting balanced sebum production without stripping your natural oils. This extract is also high in tannins (natural astringent), phenolic acids (phytonutrients with high antioxidant activity), flavonoids (more antioxidants!), and various minerals, all of which aid in soothing the scalp and cell regeneration, encouraging hair growth and healthier hair.

Shikakai Sauce conditioning cleanser / anti-dandruff

  • distilled water, aloe vera, sodium cocoyl apple amino acids, hempseed oil, cetearyl alcohol (and) behentrimonium methosulfate, cetyl alcohol, pro vitamin b5, silk amino acids, coco caprylate, acacia concinna, natural fragrance, optiphen

    Natural fragrances are composed of 100% natural plant-based aromatics that are produced using pure essential oils and aromatic isolates derived solely from natural, raw botanical sources. All oils are certified to be free of synthetic ingredients.

  • This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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