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Citronella has a clean, lemony grassy scent with a slight woody undertone to it that wakes you up a little. Citronella oil has been used for its medicinal value in many cultures, the top use of it is as an insect repellent. It is the #1 oil for repelling mosquitoes, and also helps keep ants and fleas away. Citronella can help treat intestinal parasites, and it helps stimulate the digestive system to work more smoothly. Can be used as a room deodorizer. Citronella is often used in cleaning products, especially in carpet treatments when there are pets in the house. Due to its strong, somewhat drying nature, it helps treat excessive perspiration, oily skin, and oily hair.  
          • Often used to help treat fevers.
          • It helps alleviate headaches and migraines.
          • Can help treat menstrual problems.

Citronella 5mL

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