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Eucalyptus radiata has a sharp, menthol-like scent. Makes you breathe in deeply. It is a great oil to use when treating myxovirus and influenza. It is better suited for long term use for chronic respiratory conditions and for viral or bacterial infections. It has a regenerative effect on pulmonary tissue. It also helps treat chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, and pulmonary gangrene. It helps treat diphtheria, excessive mucus, coughs, sinusitis, flu, throat infections, pneumonia, and deep lung infections. Eucalyptus radiata is a great oil to use when treating many epidemics, including chickenpox, measles, and cholera. Because it works as an immune stimulant, it also helps treat fever, malaria, and typhus. It is an excellent insect repellent and also helps treat insect bites and lice. 
Eucalyptus radiata helps you treat arthritis -- rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. It can help stimulate poor circulation. It helps ease muscle aches and pains, sprains, and inflammations.

Eucalyptus Radiata 5mL

  • Due to the high 1,8 Cineole constituent, do not use this oil on children under the age of 3, because of risk of spasm of glottis. Can raise blood sugar in diabetics. Asthmatics may react to the Eucalyptus radiata, use with caution.

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