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Lemongrass has a very strong, deep, grassy, lemony scent. It is one of the top oils to use as a tissue and muscle toner. It works to help your body repair ligaments and to regenerate and strengthen connective tissue. Because it aids poor circulation and helps strengthen vascular walls, it also helps relieve varicose veins. It works well at clearing infections, especially bladder infections and kidney disorders. Because it helps drain the lymph nodes, it will also help you relieve edema and other fluid retention issues. It helps slow down excessive perspiration. Lemongrass can stimulate the digestive process to run properly, especially the liver. Lemongrass stimulates lactation in nursing mothers.
          • It helps improve eyesight.
          • Balances nervous system.
          • Lemongrass helps open pores.
          • Works great in cleaning.
          • It will help relieve stress and improve concentration.

Lemongrass 5mL

  • Do not use during pregnancy. Best avoided on children younger than 2.  

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