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Nutmeg oil has a very rich, scent that is woodsy, spicy, and sweet all in one. It has a chocolatey hint. Nutmeg may have adrenal cortex-like activity. It supports adrenal function and helps increase energy. It helps you overcome nervous fatigue. It also helps relieve chronic fatigue syndrome. Because it is a strong psycho stimulant, Nutmeg invigorates and activates the mind. It can also produce intense dreams, so use carefully. It can help the digestive process run smoothly. It helps you overcome intestinal infections, gas, and chronic diarrhea. It helps aid the digestion of starchy foods and fats. It will also help you treat gout. Because of its aphrodisiac properties, Nutmeg can help treat frigidity and impotence.
          • The seed is covered in a red layer used to make Mace.
          • It helps treat halitosis.
          • Can be used in soaps and candles for a lovely scent.
          • It can help you overcome loss of appetite.

Nutmeg 5mL

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