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Cedarwood has a light woody scent that makes you feel calm. It reminds you of the scent of fresh pencils and the beginning of the school year. Cedarwood oil works really well when treating acne. Because of its "masculine" scent, it is more acceptable to most boys and young men for use on their acne. It is also particularly good for helping control body odors. It is excellent to use in hair care for oily hair and scalp, as well as for dandruff. It can help strengthen your hair and keep it from falling out quite so fast. It helps treat boils, fungus, and skin diseases. It can help heal wounds. Cedarwood works as a lymphatic stimulant. It helps treat edema and simple water retention. It can also help treat urinary infections, particularly cystitis and urethritis.

          • More useful for chronic complaints than acute ones.
          • Helps reduce stress and anxiety.
          • One of the most recommended oils for cellulitis.
          • It is a great oil for repelling mosquitoes

Cedarwood 5mL

  • Do not use when pregnant.

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