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This gift set includes an example set of products, but scents may be substituted to your preference. Please note your selected scents in the custom box, or contact us at for other gift set options


This set includes:

1 Atmosphere Aroma air & body mister
1 Whipped Smoothie(or Scrub)
1 Beard Brulee hair pomade

Please specify which scents you would like for your gift set in the custom box upon ordering.

Whipped Smoothies & Scrubs
Lemon Meringue whipped smoothie

Mixed Sorbet whipped smoothie

Frosted Amaretto whipped smoothie

Dewy Woodlands whipped scrub

Sea Spray whipped scrub

Flower Power whipped scrub

Lemon Drops & Gum Drops whipped scrub

Atmosphere Aroma scents:
Essential Oil Blends:
Cactus Berry
Floral Fields.
Lemon Rose
Sea Spray
Chill Pill
Labor On Momma

Clean Fragrances:
Evergreen Wonderland
Frosted Peppermint
Winter Soltice
Home Sweet Home
Bird of Paradise
Amber Noir
Black Sea
Frankincense & Myrrh.
Oakmoss & Amber
White Sage & Lavender
Bamboo Breeze
Texas Harvest

Coastal Orchard
Creme Brulee
Morning Brew
Strawberries & Crème
Peachy Keen
Blueberry Cobbler
Lemon Pound Cake

Custom Gift Set

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